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ADOS Action Board

Primary the CBC


The democrat party has failed us.  The general consensus among the woke and awakening Foundational Black Americans is that the Congressional Black Caucus, the CBC, is unequivocally useless to us.

This 55 member group of congressmen and congresswomen that has the sole purpose of representing their constituents, the people within their respective districts and the people falling within the category of socalled "Black" people - the majority of all of these being Foundational Black Americans.  

Yet, represent us, they do not.

The original goal of America when it came to those original Negros that they encountered, our ancestors, was to use up this group of strong, smart people - use ...

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If ever there was a time for them to go, that time is now!

Any ADOS audition for this role?


 So, as it turns out (as we all now know) the lead actress casted for this ADOS proud woman's portrayal (Cynthia Erivo) is not ADOS...worse than that, Erivo has been one of those Nigerians who chose to  put down ADOS rather than be an ally....but what if it is WORSE THAN THAT??  

In the Nigerian ancestry there are tribes and the Igbo tribe is the one that reportedly captured African slaves and sold them into multi-generational horror and genocide....what if the woman playing the freer of the American slave is, in fact, the descendant of those who sold Africans into slavery....perhaps even Queen Warrior Harriet Tubman's own ancestors into slavery......

I think these alone are enough insult to last.

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Establish Local Connections

ImADOS Connect Meet Organizae Make Changes

It is time for the American Descendants of Chattel Slaves to connect.  We certainly reach out to each other on the various online platforms; however, what we must now do is connect to each other on a local basis.

What Can You Do?

Go to local places where your people are likely to congregate - ask around to find out where the 'woke' Black community hangs out.  Be cautious because once you find this out, understand that you are only 1/2 of the way there!

Here's why.  Within the 'woke' Black community you are going to find 'woke' ADOS and 'woke' pan Africanists.  For all intents and purposes, you are looking for the first group of people.

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Need help getting a Local ADOS CONNECT started in your area?

Replacing CBC members with ADOS Representatives

Identify their Replacements within each district!

We must find ADOS people who are pro-ADOS and who live within each district now being 'held' by  current members.

Identify each district and the CBC member representing...

There are 55 members of the CBC - which means that there are 55 seats that we will need to replace.  ADOS are the majority in each of these districts.

Affirm the CBC member replacements with our agenda...

It is important that we choose the correct member of our people to replace each CBC member.  Once we have procured a few possibilities and affirmed that they are interested, we will get them to affirm that they will push our agenda and ours alone!

Identify which CBC members are up for re-election, these can be easily primaried...

There is no Constitutionally sound way to remove an elected incumbent by the citizens until their term ends so those CBC members who are up for reelection will be easy pickings for us to replace.

Increase pressure on both congressional chambers for expulsion of the CBC members that we target!

Being that there is no way for citizens to remove a Congressman prior to their term ending the law does allow for expulsion of a congressman by either chamber with only 2/3s vote for expulsion.

'On the ground' grassroots engagement with our people in each district --open their eyes so they see

Like a fire on dry grass, our movement will spread.  It won't take much.  Our people know that they are being and have been neglected by their representatives.  They just don't know what to do with this frustration.  Since the CBC insists on ignoring us....it's time we ghost them as congressmen/women from the halls of Congress...

ADOS Strategy & Current Events


Find, here, a listing of articles and resources dealing with the survival of ADOS, descendants of America's 1st crime. Click on a link for information. Take action.

Our 14th Amendment - has been weaponized against us.

If we don't do something, we will die off as a people.  Our 3 options or die off as a people.

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